Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services

Social media optimization (SMO), is a way to promotion brands, social news, videos and other information on social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Its main aim to reach information to lots of social sites users. It is a modern way to come web traffic on websites and promote social, brand and other information of social sites. Generally social sites provides two ways to reach information to lots of users which includes one free post and second paid. Followers and likes are very important in SMO field because lots of followers or like means lots of web traffic. To increase Likes or followers has two methods one is manually efforts and second paid advertising.

Facebook : Facebook is the most famous social networking site in whole world where come approx 2.2 billion user monthly. It provides two type services commercial and non commercial. People can use it to advertising purpose like 1. to increase likes on business page 2. Traffic on website 3. promote andriod and iOS APPs 4. promote a particular post. The Facebook popularity rank is 3 in whole world after Google and Youtube.

Twitter : Twitter is a social networking site which is famous for online news and social information promotion. Its 12 number of the popularity in whole world which has approx 330 million active users (Jan 2018). It is popular among politicians and celebrities people in whole world. It provides commercial and non-commercial services to users to increase followers and visibility of the tweets. Its maximum limit of the one time tweets is 280 characters. Twitter accounts main popularity index is its followers which can increase by advertising and manually efforts.

Linkedin : Linkedin is a employment-oriented based social networking site where professional can describe their resume and career details where lot of people get desirable job. It is very popular social networking site among professionals which has approx 530 million members (Jan 2018). It is services are available non-commercial and commercial. People can run here advertising to Jobs and other business related.

Youtube : YouTube is a video sharing the most popular site in whole world. Users can shared their video on Youtube free of cost. It is also available commercial type and users can promote their video on different videos channels. Youtube also run Google adsense ads when uses visit videos. Users can create here their youtube channel where she/he can upload lot of videos. Subscribe, likes and comments are the main parameter to give value of a video channel.

Instagram : Instagram is a video and image sharing site which is very popular among young generation people. It is owned by Facebook, Inc. Users can post their photos and share videos free on cost. Facebook also provide advertising facilities on Instagram.