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Along with the layout and background, other features are also required to be incorporated and one of them is having proper navigability. There are many portals that are great looking, have useful content but are still not able to hold on to the visitors. One of the prime reasons for this problem is the lack of proper navigation. If the visitors find it hard to find the things that they are looking for, or if it is tough to move from one page to another, then the design needs to the changed. These days the Internet is not only accessed through the computer but also from other gadgets and from different types of browser. The designs are aware of this fact and thus make the site in a way that it is accessible to various types of devices and especially from mobile phones. The screen sizes and browsers of all users are distinct. And it is also not feasible to make the website in different forms related to the dimensions. This problem is taken care of by a modern technology known as responsive web design. In this way, the portal automatically adjusts itself to the different screens' dimensions and sizes. One can expect a website with all these features if it is made by a professional web design firm.

Identifying the best search engine optimisation strategies and implementing them effectively is the key to improve your website ranking over time. Automatic submission software, seo tools, and seo campaign monitoring tools may not be effective. Most importantly, these black hat techniques will decline your website ranking and in some cases might even remove your website from GoogleaEs index. Among the different types of strategies, link building, article submissions, directory submissions and video marketing prove to be a highly effective strategy in improving your SEO rankings. But, you need to know some effective ways to build high quality links, since low quality and irrelevant links are rejected by Google new Panda services. Here are some effective ways to create high quality links: Directories: You can get high quality links from popular directories like Yellow pages, dlook, startlocal, hotfrog, Yahoo,, librarianaEs internet index and more. Monster SEO places you in all of these directories and MORE!

PPC offers you prompt and temporary results. It means if you want to get right results constantly, then PPC is suitable for you, because it is paid and by paying more you can get the better results, but when you stop paying, your ads will be disappeared. But if you do not want to invisible on the stop paying, Search Engine Optimization is best for you. Search Engine Optimization gives you the long-lasting results, because every time any visitor visits your website after clicking an organic search result and the best thing is that you have to pay nothing to attract visitors. Do you can mix Search Engine Optimization and PPC to work together? Many people think that both tactics cannot work best together. But if you can get something instantly, you can use PPC and Search Engine Optimization techniques together to achieve the long term growth.

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