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Choosing the Right Keywords, While choosing the keywords we should consider the search intent behind the user. Creating unique and specific content is crucial. It is easy to find out the user intent by analysing the content style that pops up when a search is done. For example, If a user searches for headphones, they are probably looking to make a purchase so Google will start showing the eCommerce pages in search results. So what you need to do is find other keywords related to this that help users to find your pages and increase awareness. Analyse the First Result Page, Search engines like Google focus on showing the most relevant answers to the user query. Looking at the top pages in the result page will give you a better understanding of how they are structuring the content for each keyword and it provides a great opportunity for finding new relevant keywords. Write Engaging Content, People will not read an article until it contains interesting and engaging content that answer their questions. Using annotations, quotes, visually attractive images are crucial to incorporate and drive users attention. It is a good idea to use short sentences and paragraphs with informative headlines. This will help them to find the information they want.



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Avoid Complicated Language, It is always advised to avoid using confusing words in your article and break things down in a way that the users can easily understand. Otherwise, users may leave the page start looking at your competitors. Increasing the time duration on the website can improve your ranking and it shows you provide helpful information. At digital marketing agency Abu Dhabi, we have used various tools to analyse the writing and make the content more readable and engaging. Use the Inverted Pyramid Method, Every user needs information in a quicker way. To make the user stick on your website, It is advised to put the information that the users seek on the top of your article following with more related information about the topic can provide more insight for interested users to learn more. This will result in users to stay more time on your page and decrease the bounce rate.



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Add Internal Links and Call to Actions, CTAs are powerful in guiding users down to the funnel. Linking them with other pages are also useful. Having users visiting multiple pages on your website will produce an increased average time on site. Use appropriate CTAs by understanding what stage of the buyer's journey the users are in will help you to make the buying process easier. Your website is your customer's first impression. With the right Search engine optimization campaign from an experienced Search engine optimization company, you can reach the target audience to your business and improve your sales. If you want to drive the best results with your campaign, you need to invest in the right digital marketing agency in New Delhi. Boopin can help you to earn better placement on major search engines like Google.



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