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SEO Company Delhi NCR, It is not necessary to say now that the Internet is considered to be the reservoir of knowledge. No work is done without the use of net.You can get any information on anything you want or anything you are looking for in time lesser than you can expect. When there is anything the internet users or the internet readers want to know or they have any question or a problem, they just type a few words related to their search into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or other popular search engines and if there is any article that which comes much closer to the search term typed by the internet user or the internet reader then it is more likely that that website will appear at the top of the first web page of search result. And if your website appears at the top in the list of the search results then it is more likely that the internet reader will click on your website. Normally internet users or internet readers do not show interest in scroling down or checking out the rest of the websites that carry their search term that they have typed into search engine.

Research and Analysis for Keywords. Pay Per Click Advertising. Keyword research is one performancequotient used in SEM. To define, keywords are a group of words or the characters using which competitive business quests are made over the search engines. Say you are looking for a hotel in Perth, you would type best hotel in Perth. The best hotel in Perth acts a keyword for which ranking over the web are made. The method of keyword analysis and research lays the foundation of any marketing technique used over the web. With this performance quotient the content and the write-up used for SEM will make the best ofexploredset of words related to products and the services served/offered by brand. It can unquestionably organize a platform with created opportunities to get high profits and have faithfulclienteles.

With hundreds of millions of searches being done on the Internet each day, it should be no surprise that having your website ranked on the 1st or 2nd page of the search engines is one of the most powerful marketing activities that your business can engage in. If executed correctly by a professional that understands your business AND the way search engines work, search engine optimization can guarantee a consistent stream of targeted inquiries for your business. As you may be aware, simply having a website for your business does not guarantee that prospective clients will visit your website. It is how high your site ranks for certain search terms in Google (The world's largest search engine) that increases the visibility of your business - and the chance to convert visitors to your website into customers.

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Unlike Google, youtube do not have dedicated keyword research tool and the third-party tools just pumping out the numbers from Google keyword planner. Digital marketing agency in Dubai uses different tools and hacks to identify search volumes and keywords on YouTube. YouTube Suggest and Google Trends, It works similar to Google suggest, all we need is to type some seed keywords in the search bar and then it will give a list of related keywords that people searched before. We can find keywords from popular videos also. Keyword optimization is an important aspect of YouTube Search engine optimization. If a video has lots of views, it might be optimized around relevant keywords. As there is no way to find the search volume of your keywords, We can use Google Trends to compare keywords. While choosing the topic you can including the following types of keywords that Google tends to use video results. If you are targeting keywords that do not have any video results in Google, you will only get traffic from YouTube. Otherwise, you will get targeted traffic from Google also.



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There are many chrome extensions that help you to find the keywords from your competitor channels. VidIQ is one of the most popular ones. Satisfy search intent with a High Retention Video, Audience retention is one of the major factors in YouTube ranking. Videos with high audience retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently in Search and Suggested videos. Unlike Google, Youtube does not use backlinks for ranking. Instead it uses audience retention. The goal of YouTube is to help viewers find the videos that they want to watch and maximise viewer engagement and satisfaction. You can use the following steps. Planning, Script your video before creating them actually. The story is king so you have to find something that the audience is interested in and then share it with them in a way that they are interested in. On way to do it is by learning things and get better by doing it over and over.



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Begin with a strong hook, the first 10 - 15 seconds are critical for the video success. If the starting is not interesting, people may lose interest in watching your video and result in lower audience retention. As every video niche is different, there is no specific formula that works for all. The first 30 seconds, your video should identify the problem and propose the solution to the audience. Ask the viewers to like, comment and subscribe, Majority of your viewers are not going to watch the whole video. So you can ask for engagement without sounding needy. Video Optimization, When coming to on-page video optimization, there are mainly 4 parts where we can optimize the video. These are important elements which contribute video click-through rate. Video Title, Add your focus keywords at the beginning of the title without keyword stuffing and it can be long as up to 70 characters. Description, A video description is important for YouTube to understand the context of the video. Include the keywords in the first 25 words in 2 - 4 times to a description of length not less than 250 words.



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Video tags will not help to boost the ranking but it will get the videos in the related video section on YouTube. By using the exact tags as the competitor video, there are chances of showing up in the suggested video section. Publish and Promote, The first two days from publishing your video can make or break your video. Sometimes it might be on the first page within the first day for the target keyword. Find the best time to publish the video, By analysing the real-time reports from YouTube, you can identify the best time when your target audience is watching videos. This may change from day to day but analysing the pattern will help you to generate more views. Respond to comments and engage, You need to socialize on Youtube. Respond to comments and give the heart to show appreciation. YouTube found that viewers who receive a heart likely to click on the notifications compared to others. Promote to the existing audience, Use blogs, newsletters or social media accounts to promote new videos.



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