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If a company wants to see good and wanted online marketing results then local search is one of the best concepts to do so. From 19th June 2013 Google has putting local search one step ahead with the launched of Google Carousel. This is new feature, when you scroll you will see at the top of Google result rank page feature several local business listing. This feature currently available in England and U.S but Google is preparing this feature to spread it worldwide in every region and every language. Following is the screenshot of Google SERP which has used this new carousel feature. You can see the type bar query: If in case you type your query and want to search and do not see the carousel yet then the chances are there that this is only available in few categories. New categories will come in this feature as this feature expands. Question about Google carousel come in mind that how it can helpful for local search? The Benefits of Google Carousel, You have nothing left as a choice if your company is a part of Google carousel design or not.

Responsive website design & SEO Helps save Time. Not just will clients admire a site that uses a responsive website design & SEO company in Melbourne, yet the design & SEOers who made will likewise. Responsive website design & SEO uses numerous templates for the same page, consequently repurposing HTML code, while a customary site and portable site will need to have two separate sorts of code to be composed for the site formats, frequently starting with no outside help. What would you rather pick, a house that has a solid casing and just needs to have a couple of things done to it so as to turn into your fantasy home or begin with a clear parcel and work your path up to a home? With over a large portion of the U.S. populace owning a PDAs, it is currently time for organizations and organizations to consider how their sites are seen on cell phones and whether the time it now, time to modify their site development technique and include responsive website plan. Next time you are seeing your business' site on your tablet or PDA, take eventually and take a gander at the design & SEO and format and inquire as to whether it might be time to upgrade your site.

That being said, even the best content and the best website design in the world isn't going to vault your website to the top for its main keywords. You need to have links pointing back to your website, and not any links will work. Links from high authority pages will give your pages the biggest boost in search engine ranking. But it is also very important to vary your links and have a variety of links pointing to your website from several sources. Common back link tactics still work in moderation and link velocity should be factored in as well. New websites may draw a red flag if thousands of links suddenly show up only days after the domain has been purchased. Slowly but steadily pick up links by submitting articles to different article directories, commenting on other, relevant blogs, use press releases, bookmarks and even directory submissions to start your linking process.

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