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About Noida: New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is the full name of NOIDA. NOIDA city is part of the Delhi NCR region. City has electronics, electrical, real estate, news and multimedia, IT, Telecoms/Managed Services, Computer Software, Engineering and Technology, Research & Development type industries which includes domestic and international level both Noida famous companies are ART Factory, Dish TV, HCL Technologies, Home Shop 18, India Yamaha Motor, Jaypee Group, Paytm, Tata Power Solar, Spice Digital, Polyplex, Samsung India, Zee Turner Limited, Nucleus Software Exports, Luxor (pen company), NIIT Technologies.

Digital Marketing Noida: Digital marketing is a modern way of the marketing which is based only on digital devices along with Internet. Noida city has several agencies which provides digital marketing services which includes search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), complete e-commerce marketing solutions, sms and email marketing etc.

SEO Services Noida: SEO (Search engine optimization) was started from 1990 which is the well popular way to optimize website on Google,, Baidu and Yendex search engines result pages. Generally, SEO has two parts off page and on page. website ranks on SERP by both practice on and off page process. ecommerce website SEO Noida, ecommerce SEO Noida, ecommerce SEO services Noida.
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SEM Services Noida: Search Engine Marketing is the process to get immediately result on search engine result page by paid advertising program. The most famous search engines are Google, & Yahoo! where you can run PPC advertising pogrom on per click based. It is nice but paid way to get visibility on SERP immediately while SEO is a long process to get keywords ranking.

SMO Services Noida: SMO (Social media optimization) is way to increase visibility of the website or a particular news on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Istagram, Linkdin, Google+ and Youtube etc. Popular or optimized post on social sites is based on views, comments, links, followers, subscribe and shared.

SMM Services Noida: Social media marketing is a paid advertising program of a particular post which includes services or products. These ads display on mostly users wall page but which inlcudes on ad budget. But general social post displays only followers users. It is a modern way to increase promotion on whole national or a particular cities users. Generally, paid post get more views, comments, likes, subscribe, following etc.

E-mail marketing : E-Mail marketing is a nice and old way to send commercial messages to current and previous customers to know about new services, new products or new discount offers.

ASO Services Noida: App store optimization is similar as SEO to increase visibility on App stores like Google Play and iTunes. Generally, two types apps are famous in whole world like Andriod and iOS.

Display advertising Noida: Banner or Display advertising is a paid program to increase visibitily of the particular services or products among lots of users. These ads run on social sites, apps and Google networking sites etc.

Video advertising Noida: Youtube, Instagram and Facebook are the famous platform for Video paid advertising because where are available lots of social users.