Websites SEO Promotion with New Technology

Posted: by Admin; Date: 6-March-2022

The general intention for any webmaster or site owner is to ensure their website gets seen by as many people as possible so that it can increase its exposure and potentially raise more profit. For this reason many people will use search engine optimization in order to increase their position in the SERPs and to make sure that they are seen by the maximum number of people searching for related terms. But sometimes this doesn't all go to plan. Sometimes you find that despite your best efforts you actually end up going down the SERPs and losing ground. This is particularly common lately and many people are finding that their visitor counts are being halved in a short amount of time despite them doing everything they've always been doing. There are several potential explanations for this if you have been on the receiving end. Here we will look at why your site might have dropped down the SERPs and what you can do about it.

The Ads Algorithm: Google has recently been making some major changes to their search algorithms with the intention of decreasing the amount of spam that comes up when people use their search - which has made all kinds of changes necessary for Google search engine optimization. One way they have gone about this is by penalizing those sites that have a high number of ads on their pages - and if you have more advertising than content above the fold or have more than two ads in general, then this can hurt your site and damage your position. Of course it's a simple matter to fix this, you just need to remove some of the ads and focus on providing more value. Negative search engine optimization: Negative search engine optimization describes people using 'bad' search engine optimization - such as building lots of irrelevant links to hit Google with spam - in order to purposefully make a website drop in its position in Google. This can be used as a malicious attack against a competitor and many companies use it in order to remove the other sites from competing for the more highly sought after terms. Look up links pointing to your site and if there are a lot of inbound links that you didn't build then you may have been the victim of negative search engine optimization. website develop services , apps develop services and SEO services India .

Copyright: Another new policy of Google's is to punish those sites that have received complaints of using copyrighted material. These 'DMCA Take downs' are another automated aspect of the algorithm that ensures that only content you own gets seen. If you've been using an image that wasn't yours, then this could explain your sudden drop. At the same time this is also something that can be used aggressively - and false complaints could be used by the competition once again to you out so that more people see their pages. Over Optimization: Of course there's also a chance that you have simply over done your search engine optimization, and this is something that updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin are highly sensitive to. The new Google search engine optimization should focus much more on quality of links and content than on quantity, so consider toning it down and you might climb back up.