Top Tips to Website Design and Development

Posted: by Admin; Date: 26-Oct-2022

Bespoke website designs are nothing but an ounce of common sense and some good planning on your part Building up a website from scratch is not easy, worse, with so many penny designs doing the rounds, often you end up sacrificing your traffic just because the design looks good. While it is important that your website looks great, looks alone is not going to deliver the traffic that you need. This is where bespoke website designs come in - where you ensure that any website design you choose addresses the main requirements that you need in order to ensure that you get good traffic. Content is King: While making your website navigation friendly is not going to be easy, it is a lot harder to get good content on it. You need to either get your in house team to work on developing great content, or you can outsource it. The content needs to be something that you think your users would be interested in. It can be in the form of a free guide or a blog post, anything that helps you to hook new customers; it should be enough to get them interested enough to click on the link. Massage therapist web design development, SEO Services Hotels and SEO Agency India

Navigation is the Key: It goes without saying that any website design you opt for, makes it easy for your customers to locate pertinent information easily. Simply put, if a user finds it hard to get to the checkout page, or cannot go back to the home page in a single click or two, they are going to walk away. So in order to capitalize on any valuable leads, you will need to incorporate easy navigation and usability into your site. The general rule is that the website design should be intuitive and simple, in short, users should be able to locate the information they need to make a purchase or get relevant information within three clicks. Users need to be able to locate the information they need, in the least amount of time and this is why it makes more sense to go in for bespoke website designs rather than mass produced cheap website designs.

Remove the ad Blitz: Getting a bespoke website design in place, with great content should get you some valuable leads. But if you go the whole hog and sell ad space on your website, your leads are going to be blasted with pop up ads by a dozen a minute. And no one likes to be bagged down with endless ads for products or services they are not interested in. While, it makes sense to rake in some ad revenue, you need to leverage it against the fact that too many ads will result you in losing out on prospective clients. Say no to Frames: Try to avoid using frames in your website, since they make it harder for users to bookmark individual pages. Let's face it, one of the ways most of your repeat customers return to the website is either by checking their history or their bookmark manager. So it makes more sense not to use frames when designing your website, thereby making.