Responsive Website Development and Design India

Posted: by Admin; Date: 13-April-2022

Website development has evolved over the years from simple HTML websites to flash focused animated websites. In the more recent years website development has changed its focus from fluid designs to responsive website design Delhi NCR. Why responsive? In order to understand why responsive website design is important, it is important to know what it really is. Responsive website Design is basically an approach towards development of a website in such a way that it presents an optimal viewing experience to the end user. This experience could be in the form of better navigation and easy to read content across a wide variety of devices right from a laptop or PC to smart phones. Website design services , app design services and SEO services .

The reason why responsive website design Delhi NCR came into limelight was mostly because of the increasing access to the internet using smart phones and tablets. The primary problem area was that interacting with websites using a smart phone was not as easy as it was using a laptop or desktop. It is a fact after all that a smart phone or a tablet has, only that much click area or screen size. This is why website developers started focusing on several factors like optimized mark-up, pixel resolution, click versus touch, and screen size for creating websites and this incorporates what is called Responsive Design. Why should businesses move away from traditional website design to a more responsive website design? This is one of the most frequently asked questions faced by professionals in mobile app development in Delhi NCR. The answer is simple and in the words of Jeffrey Veen, the need is to create websites that will work with the changing devices, platforms, and browser. In reality, responsive website design is a strategy that will help sustain businesses for several decades to come. Some of the reasons for implementing.

Radically changing user experience: The second key area is the user experience. Browsing or navigating a website on a desktop can be fairly easy but what about a smart phone with a 3-inch screen. Firstly, end users would have navigation issues followed by readability issues as the text or content needs to be enlarged for better view. When businesses implement responsive website design Delhi NCR tactics, it not only provides a better user experience in terms of readability and navigation on smart phones but also on other devices. RWD also ensures that end users are able to derive consistent experience of any website irrespective of the device as well as the operating system. Recommended by Google: It is a fact that most often than not search engine marketers prefer to implement what Google recommends. This is because it is the top browsing platform with 67 percent internet market share. The reason Google recommends this is because responsive design makes it easier for Google crawlers to index pages and organise content irrespective of the device being used.