New Website Design and Development

Posted: by Admin; Date: 26-April-2023

In other words, the end user should not face any problems while browsing through a website. Internet has been made available to everybody around the world hence no one should be deprived from its various advantages and benefits by forcing them to encounter a page that would require any sort of specialized training. Your aim is to basically attract as many users as possible towards your page and one of the best ways to accomplish that are by making your website user friendly. There are several other factors that play the row role in enhancing a website's usability. So far we have been discussing Content but another important aspect is Accessibility. You have to make your web page available to the general public. The time that it takes to load your page should be reasonable. Nowadays, time is equivalent to money and nobody wants to waste theirs. Hence do not make your customers wait. It leaves a bad image.

Now how do you make a website page user friendly? Well, for starters make sure the information provided on your web page is very concise and clear cut. It should not require your user to possess some sort ultra human super powers to decipher the simple navigation that needs to be undertaken on the page. Make the content very obvious and the choices understandable. Try not to leave your visitor under any confusion cloud. He should be able to understand and grasp whatever is being shown to him on the screen. Moreover, prioritize you web page. Place important items on the top or in clear cone of vision. Emphasis should be placed on them by making them bold, enlarging them or by simply changing the color hence distinguishing it from the rest of the content. That way the user does not have difficulty finding what he is looking for. website design development Delhi, Real Estate SEO Company NCR, SEO Services for Hotels and SEO Firm India region.

Ease of Navigation is another key feature related to website Usability. As mentioned before, the user should be able to navigate to and fro between pages. The logo of your company should be on the top left corner and enlarged in size and should link back to your home page. This forms the identity of your company. You need to establish that I the virtual community and publicize it through that. Also, a link leading to your 'About Us' page should be provided where all the information related to the company is provided. If your page is a mess and there is chaos all over, then there is a high possibility that you might lose your user because keep in mind that there is not shortage of Web Pages out there. So any sort of hindrance on your page would automatically lead to the user exiting the window and opting for another. Concluding, you could say that your web page usability can be improved tenfold if you simply work on these following: Accessibility, Identity, Content and Navigation. A striking combination of this would result in a productive web page.