Android Vs iOs: Which Platform Best To Use?

Buying a phone generally seems daunting decision to take a choice of a platform which one is better Apple iOS or Google Android. Switching a mobile phone reason are varied like using a different interface, app variations, and quirky features. It is like a competition between iOS and Android for new launches in the marketplace. Even most importantly iOS is considered more secure than Android, but similarly, pricing is higher in the comparison of Android. But android choice might be for everyone, but iPhones are just for a rich buyer.

These are two platforms mainly used by 99 percent people where window phones have been disappearing due to the latest advanced technology for android & ios operating system. But what exactly differentiate most important differences you wish to consider, here is a big listing of several categories Android vs iOS to make your buying choice right.

Pricing Flexibility

Apple has been always at the highest price like iPhone X nasty surprise in terms of pricing starts $1,000. When it comes to iPhone 8 plus price begin from $800 all these only can buy when you have a big saving. It has never been an inexpensive choice for the exciting rich buyer.

Android is an easy choice in terms of pricing for everyone either it's a businessman or a common buyer. Pricing flexibility is admirable for Android where nothing can compete with Android. With the same pricing, Samsung’s Galaxy has launched with various choices of low-cost mobile phones because Android truly provides pricing choices for the budget conscious buyer.

Battery Life & Charging

One of the major consideration is the battery life of mobile phones which only a factor makes buyer excited to use Android or iOs apple phones. As battery Mah rating tells more than enough about mobiles this could be better to use.

For a long time run, selecting an Android mobile is an intelligent buy than iPhone due to battery backup supply. Android phones consume charging capabilities, fast that allows long hours consistent backup. It is worth using for more time than iPhone.

When it comes to iPhone charging capabilities are lower takes longer time, however, iPhone pricing is comparatively higher than Android.


Customization is a significant value-added feature about Android. It makes the process easier and convenient to add a new theme, layout or home screen, add shortcuts according to your preferred mobile interface.

For iPhone, there is limited support for home screen, add shortcuts, theme and own customizability. If you absolutely willing to have enough freedom for customization Android is a better option than iPhone.